Perfect for those working long hours to alleviate the added stress that your pups aren’t getting the exercise and attention that they deserve. We are experienced in canine handling and behavior, so you can rest assured knowing that your beloved furbabies are safe, happy and getting the chance to relieve themselves throughout the day! Water checks/refills are always included.

  • $25/20 minute walk
  • Add $5 for an additional dog
  • Add $5 for a solo walk
  • Add $10 for an extended walk (limited availability) 

*Though time frames will be implemented and fees may apply, this service is designed to fit your schedule. Walks can be booked daily to weekly and even on call as needed.



Give your pups a little something extra! Your loyal companions are chauffeured to nearby dog friendly parks and beaches (off-season) where they can experience the greatest sense of the true outdoors. Whether it’s adventure, socialization or relaxation that your pets seek, here they can rejuvenate their spirits in nature or release all of that pent up indoor energy during fitness hikes or off-leash playtime. Please contact us to discuss details and associated rates. 

*If your dog exhibits aggression towards other dogs, please do not inquire about this option.



With the concierge option, we can bring your pets to appointments such as the vet or groomer or we can drop off/pick up from daily activities such as doggy daycare. We can also pick up medication, food, or anything else that you can think of! One way in town concierge starts at $30, but prices vary based on each pet's needs.



This option can be used to suit a wide range of circumstances and needs; from daily visits for new puppies & kittens to check-ins for older pets and pets with health concerns. We can administer oral & topical medications, provide food/snacks & water, take your pups out to do their business, clean up messes, and most importantly, we can provide companionship to your pets while they are home alone all day. Visits are also ideal for vacationers & travelers. We can perform basic pet sitting needs for any type of animal as well as general home care such as bringing in mail, watering plants and just making sure everything is in order while you are away! Visits start at $20, but prices vary based on each personalized plan.  



No kennels here! Why should your pets have to feel like they're in jail during an already stressful time of missing you? So that you and your furry best friends can all have an enjoyable experience while you travel, we offer home away from home boarding. While in our care your pets can feel like they are part of a family, with plenty of attention and interaction. They are free to roam around, hang out on the couch, watch tv, and even sleep with us if they want! Daily walks and occasional outings are included. For your convenience, pick-ups and drop-offs are also included at no extra charge.  

*Due to the specialized nature of this service, only dogs with no behavioral or aggression issues will be considered for boarding. If you think that your pup may be a good fit, please contact us to discuss details and associated rates.



Don't have any pets, but still want the assurance that your home is being looked after while you are away? No problem! Similar to "visits" (minus the fur), we also offer house and plant sitting services. In addition to pet care, we have an extensive combined horticultural background. From having serviced well known corporate accounts such as NBC Sports Group, to working for family run nurseries such as Town & Country, we've got your plant care needs covered! House sitting starts at just $20 a day, but prices vary based on each household's specific needs.


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